Jenny Brockmann @ Schering Stiftung

We are happy to announce the upcoming solo exhibition “Open Lab ‘Irreversible Moment’” of artist Jenny Brockmann at the Ernst Schering Foundation project space.
Opening : June 23th 7 – 9 p.m.

Exhibition : June 24th  – July 24th 2016
Press information released by Schering Stiftung :

Jenny Brockmann creates works characterized by discursive aesthetics. Besides autonomous objects, Brockmann’s works are always instructive examples and illustrative models of her artistic research as well. In the form of sculptures, interactive spatial l arrangements or outlines of thought, for years now the artist has been researching into dynamic, spatial and social processes as well as natural cycles. Brockmann’s works are the starting point for philosophical discourse and questions about patterns of human behaviour and social structures.

Jenny Brockmann will also be a part of an exhibition at galerie gerken in 2017.